My name is Eleanor Halligan and I am a Midwife and Mother to a five year old boy. 

We moved from the UK in 2018 and plan to make a permanent home in beautiful NZ. 

I have been practicing as a Midwife since 2010 and have worked in all areas. I am currently employed with Counties Manukau and rotate between Secondary care in Middlemore Hospital and Primary care at Botany Downs Maternity Unit. 

I have a passion and antenatal education and I believe that a good knowledge will help prepare for the adventure ahead and help guide you with an informed decision making. I trained with the NCT in the UK and am thrilled to have the opportunity to facilitate classes here in NZ.  

I look forward to meeting you. 

Antenatal Ed - 2018  

2018 has been a successful year.  Our classes have never been so popular. Final classes for the year are filling fast. Bookings for 2019 are available.

Despite the ever changing environment, Antenatal classes are still worth the investment.

Please book early to ensure your are with other couples who are due around the same time as your baby.

There is so much you need to know, but you need information from experts practicing in the maternity system. We are here to help you.

Midwives continue to provide all the care for women in labour, postbirth and in the care of infants in the first 6 weeks of their life.

Antenatal classes with Antenatal Ed Howick will help your navigate your way through the mountain of information the media and community continue to debate.

As a practicing midwife and antenatal educator, we keep up to date with everything clinically and politically you may need to know.

Please trust us to bring you the best. We pride ourselves on working closely with your LMC"s, so your experience is the best it can be.

After 38 years of working in the hospital system, 24 of them as a midwife, I know how scary it can be.

Our aim is to help you confidently navigate your way through the system, plan well for your labour and birth, and enjoy your new role as a parent.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. any time, or discuss joining us, with your LMC - most Auckland LMC's know us well and trust our knowledge and experience to bring you the best.

Couples are welcome to join us from any area, whether birthing at Auckland City Hospital, Waitakere, North Shore or Middlemore. We can also prepare couples planning on birthing at Birthing Units like Botany Downs, Papakura, Pukekohe and Birthcare.

Contact us today. Our classes fill fast. 

We can book you for whichever course suits you and your partner.

We would love to hear from you.


Welcome to the end of 2018.    Trusting Your Antenatal Classes to Deliver!

Classes at Antenatal Ed Howick are filling fast for the remainder of the year.  You may believe our birth rate is increasing and everyone you see is pregnant.

For us at Antenatal Ed Howick, we know why our classes are full.  The loss of free classes throughout Auckland has brought up an interesting dilemma.

The quality of your antenatal education will determine which course you choose, and who is providing that course.

Consider:  Who is your facilitator. What experience does she have.  Most importantly who is regulating the information she provides. What is her clinical experience and as a new parent to be, can you trust the information given to you, to be the safest for your birthing and parenting journey.  Is it well balanced considering the unknown journey you are taking.  What are you actually paying for. How long has she been facilitating Antenatal Classes? Is it her passion?

What is evidence based practice. Is clinical, experience, well practiced information important to you.  Does your facilitator work daily with women and their families in birthing suites and postnatal areas providing care from day one, for new mothers and their babies. Does your facilitator work closely with Obstetricians who will provide any necessary secondary care, which is required for complicated pregnancy and birthing situations.

At Antenatal Ed Howick, we provide a programme that is top class. We give you information you can trust and be completely sure it is up to date. Our labour and birthing recommendations are evidence based and best practice based, recognised by Midwifery Council NZ and the Obstetric Guidelines in New Zealand.

Our baby care and child health information is guided by the most researched recommendations for infant feeding, safe sleep, carseat use, immunisations, vitamin K recommendations etc. Health and development of your baby is our priority, as is the mental health of new mothers, and their families. Your choices must be guided by the best research based information available to you.

Recently, media posts brought to light discussion of evidence based practice not being supported in Auckland antenatal classes.

At Antenatal Ed Howick our facilitators are Registered Midwives, who practice daily in Obstetric Units and Midwifery led birthing units. They are regulated by the Midwifery Council, belong to the College of Midwives and International Lactation Boards.  These Midwives undergo regular Midwifery reviews, and update their  education at the highest level of Midwifery Council and RANZCOG (Obstetrics) requirements.  Best of all they practice their skills daily and have many years of experience. They are also well known to your LMC's - midwives and Obstetricians.

Safe practice for all mothers and babies and families is our goal.  Not only do we bring to you "evidence based practice", we are able to bring you clinically practiced research and day - to - day changes in those guidelines.             We walk the talk.

Most importantly we are "Regulated"  and overseen by the highest groups in New Zealand.  So,  as you choose your antenatal education  consider the best.

Antenatal Ed Howick is open to any couple in Auckland, choosing to birth at home or in any hospital in Auckland. Remember our information can be applied to any LMC or Hospital. We practice under New Zealand Guidelines for Best Practice in Midwifery and Obstetrics. You will not find better information. We would love to hear from you.   Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..          

Antenatal Ed Howick is well into its 5th year, providing realistic parenting and birth preparation classes to so many parents in South-East Auckland.

At Antenatal Ed Howick we can guarantee you a realistic journey through one of the most personally challenging but joyful experiences of your life.

Parents say they are referred to us because we "tell it like it is".  Would you want it any other way?

Childbirth and parenting is an experience and therefore different for all of us. Nothing can prepare us completely for the expectations we have and the emotional challenges we will face.

Our classes continue to develop to provide you with the most up-to-date best practices and research based information. We don't just talk you through this time in you life, we are working everyday with couples like yourself who want to get the best education. Remember, we attend birth, work in birthing units with Mums and Babies, and offer Registered Lactation Consultant support.

If you are wondering where you might find a good birth preparation class, inquire as to how much parenting and postnatal information you will receive, from other classes and who is the provider.  

Do you want information from experienced midwives working daily with couples?  We don't play games in our classes, we teach you hands on skills to help you through the realities of parenting and meeting the needs of your new baby.


To join us in 2019 please inquire on this site, talk to your LMC, or email Linda at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We can take you in any class you choose and if you think it may be too late, contact us as soon as possible. we can organise a combination of classes for you and your partner/support person.


Antenatal Ed Howick looks forward to providing you the best service and to meet your needs with excellent Childbirth and Early Parenting Preparation. Follow up postnatal and lactation support is available on request.


Go Well.

Linda Boyd







Couples considering an antenatal course ask me whether antenatal classes are worth the investment.

When you ask couples who have completed an Antenatal Ed course, the answer would be "yes", and every couple gets something a little different out of attending.

Most importantly, you will explore and understand:

  • How your amazing body works - what are those powerful hormones that support labour and birthing.
  • How to work with your LMC, partner and support people to be confident throughout your labour, birth and time as new parents.
  • That the safest, most important gift for life, you can give a newborn, is "colostrum". What is it, where can you get it for free, why is it the only food your newborn should have. We will share with you the inside story on how to be the safest "producer" of human baby food.
  • Dads, we will help you become the rocket scientist as you deal with all that baby equipment. Car seats are the second most important gift a child will need.
  • Your baby is not like you! How to communicate with your baby. How you as parents of your baby will be the only "baby whisperer or sleep consultant", you need.
  • You need new friends - find them at our classes and coffee groups.

Antenatal Ed provide antenatal education that is based on day-to-day experience. We work closely with your LMC's in the clinical area, and may even work with you in the hospital. That is where you will find us each day.

At Antenatal Ed our gift to you is hands on expertise, we do more than read the handbook and turn the pages with you. We can answer the curly questions, in an ever changing environment.

We care for mothers, babies and families at birth and through the journey of the early days. It is experience only a working midwife can share with you.

Take the journey with us.